terça-feira, março 23, 2010

1968 - Instant City, Archigram

On defining the postindustrial city as a network of information and entertainment, Archigram proposed a novel urban structure, i.e. that arising from the disassociation between hardware, its physical body, and software, i.e. all those activities which, following the Marxist maxim of "everything solid disappears into thin air," can be applied with a spray.
Thanks to the technological and media development, the process of instant metropolization would be propagated in an exponential manner, progressively enriching its meanings, as can be seen in the run through the succession of test fields that Archigram devised starting from south-east England and moving towards the Mediterranean.
The original urban project became a suggestive artistic piece on flying over the skies of Kassel, and reinvented itself as an irresistible festive artefact on touching down in Montecarlo.
However, the definitive flight test of the city of Los Angeles was provided by the disheartening vision that Ridley Scott gave of it in Blade Runner, demonstrating the potential of the instant city as a control device. The message ended up transforming the medium, in all its crudeness; the optimistic flight of the airships crossing the skies of the European city bathing it with the light from its lamps, tingeing it with advertising colors, and perfuming it with exotic tongues, became an oppressive threat, and fear darkened the luminous face of the show city.

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